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Personal Expereriences

Personal Experiences with Breast Augmentation

This section includes Nicole's story, the research she did before her breast augmentation and her recovery journal. It also features stories that some of our visitors were gracious enough to share with us including the thoughts of women (and sometimes their doctors) before, during and after breast augmentation surgery. The Personal Experiences section also includes contributions from boyfriends, husbands and significant others and a section with photos from some of our visitors' get togethers. We hope you find all of the information informative, and some of it amusing! 


Nicole's Story

The details of how I researched and decided to have breast augmentation.

Visitor's Stories

Stories from our generous visitors from consultation to recovery and, in some case, through additional surgeries.

What Do Men Think?

Find out in this exciting new section revealing the thoughts and motivations of significant others.

Get Togethers

Devoted to women who met each other here and who were willing to share photos with us.

What Kids Say!

One of our visitors was kind enough to compile a bunch of cute things that our kids (and husbands) say when confronted with the issue of our breasts . . .




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